Auxerre 0-1 Real Madrid

Madrid has two games in the Champions League, two victories were totaled and the two best games of the Mourinho era. And, without being as flashy as against Ajax, Auxerre before has been seen to Madrid with better automation in attack and suffocating pressure. Two keys to the white set was lord and master of the ball for nearly the entire game.

At times the pace was tiring as in the past, and there were even times when the meringues lost control, but there were phases without being bright football had not been in the league. Still, the victory was hard and at times appeared again the specter of 0-0, but Di Maria took care of it away and fifteen minutes late with a goal electrical and late in leaving Real Madrid as group leader six points and six classification very well on track. And it seems that other pita Madrid in the Champions League Mourinho.

Much angered Mourinho himself in the press conference before the match because he had not been asked about the starting lineup against Auxerre. One might think that the pressure was not reached excellence, but the fact is that the Luso was kept several letters on the sleeve besides the holding of Benzema.

And the main one was the change of system, abandoning its traditional 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-3 formation which had only previously implemented against Standard Liege, and not always with good results. Benzema himself with Higuain and Ronaldo leading the trident formed, while the core remained in the hands of Lass, Xabi and Khedira, forming a pint trivote had anything but offensive. However, despite the novelty of the system and defensive appearance, the truth is that the white set unfolded perfectly.

Real Madrid failed to soak up all the ‘spirit of Ajax’ and was far from perfect machine Guardiola, but the fact is that if I opened a gap with respect to parties like Levante, Espanyol and Real Mallorca. Especially in the first half.

And is that with the exception of the last minutes of the first part where Auxerre stretched a little more, throughout the first chapter of the meeting could see a mother who knew moving without the ball between the lines, which combined the first touch, with highly mobile between the three attackers, with midfielders coming from behind, and Marcelo Arbeloa and incorporated more to attack than in the other six previous games combined.

In short, a Madrid ordered, even though the rest left unchecked, it gave a sense of knowing what to do with the ball and did give the feeling of playing football despite being faced with a rival enclosed as previous matches. And of that good work came out very clear chances before the break.

As a shot from Higuain to a corner kick that took Chafni the goal line, an inmate of a very active Lass did not complete successfully, a non-joint after a bad shot Pipita of outstanding Marcelo, or a volley of Brazilian full-back himself after a change of band Xabi book, but stopped Sorin. However, the lack of scoring again seemed unresolved for whites (now purple) even though he had made good progress in other aspects.

Auxerre for their part, after an enthusiastic start, only approached Casillas’ goal before the break through set pieces, as in the case of Ndinga, whose header from Pedretti center left licking the post midway through the first part. However, the white set would not let him get closer. And that is suffocating pressure field Gallo worked perfectly, with Xabi, Khedira and Lass had recovered hundreds (perhaps thousands) of balls in the attacking only the first part.

And this script was maintained after passage through the locker room. While it is true that the plot was identical, the story faded in intensity without becoming tedious, perhaps the result of fatigue. And perhaps for that reason, Mourinho decided to exit the talented Özil instead of a proactive and participatory Benzema at ten minutes after the restart. And midway through the first part was the victim Lass to enter the field Di Maria, proving the traditional 4-2-3-1 system.

So far, only Higuain on a rebound by the Madrid and Jelen Auxerre by a counterattack had failed to move the mail. And the truth is that the entry of Di Maria, the party became electric, to say something crazy, with both teams poured into attack. A Higuain lacked inch hole in his boot for a goal-kicking center of Argentina’s own end.

And shortly after Pepe mark almost headfirst into his own net Traore center had it not been for the bottom left corner of the goal of Casillas. It was in this exchange of blows ended where the balance falling to the side merengue. It was at a Özil side that failed to finish Higuain ten minutes from time. Di Maria, who had participated in almost all white played since he left, caught the loose ball inside the area and with his left impaled on goal.

French Table complained Ramos involuntary hand at the beginning of the play, but no one could prevent the Argentine draw with your fingers the traditional heart with which he celebrates his goals. A heart that has led to bookmark the evident superiority over the field, and a heart that gives life to this Madrid in the Champions League. A Madrid which, while not brilliant, now finally it has worked well on grass as on the scoreboard.