Goal against Espanyol!

Madrid always gets. Also this time, hooked up to the best of their tradition, after a tremendous match that offered all that was heroic. Soaking the shirt to polish it, inviting fans to cling to the straws, doubling the best Espanyol in a decade. And with ten men for 88 minutes, many of which earned two (Marcelo, Christian, Xabi and Pepe), shot 20 times.

Florentino came two minutes before the break and a cup less. One misfortune after another. Because the frog swallowed basketball and missed a first half of breaks and tears, with a Madrid irreducible, every nerve and heart, as its anthem. What you have seen and been told that Guardiola, who sees no enemy dead on or after the autopsy.

The party awoke to the shock of Casillas. Red was the fastest he has seen the Madrid League nearly eighty years. Baena went through two lines with his deep ball, Alley took the wrong foot with Pepe and Casillas played striker before the parakeet entered the area. No relajadísima saved or interpretation of customary law that Mateu Lahoz.

Di Maria Mou retired, turned right into Özil and drew two lines of four, with Adebayor, gazelle and giraffe crossing on the bow. And the game was a pretty crazy, with a bold and enlarged Madrid in their misfortune that eventually turned to Kameni in the figure of the party.

Khedira broke stove with an open mind. Xabi Alonso was above Javi Baena Marquez, a couple very glad to Cornell. Pepe is pretty much what Mourinho said when pressed to renew it. Cristiano was always a good response to the backlash and even offered as a dam when the truth came over Espanyol. Divo and antidepressants in the same match. And was at times Marcelo Di Stefano, Puskas and Gento. Advocate, creator and scorer, all at the speed of light. Sent a whiplash to the stick, took a lot to Kameni and ended up scoring the goal that decided the match. Is a minute of Roberto Carlos.

Accompanying them and the rest, Özil excluded (the game always sounded ‘allegro’ and that not doing) that more than a pillar seemed like a bad transplant so fierce contest, was feasting Madrid Espanyol from the intensity and rigor. Has merit, because the confluence at the same time and same place Pochettino, Cornell and the proper cultivation of the quarry have hardened much parrots, now a team always wanting to fight, never retreating, proud to get the most of this policy of ‘low cost’. And Alley, over quota for Madrid but terrific footballer, gigantic.

But before the break is that Madrid was a beast. Kameni examined, Khedira, Adebayor and twice Marcelo, who ended up knocking the Cameroonian by his club. These goals always leave the goalkeeper poorly and yesterday was no exception. Also swallowed a penalty Khedira Mateu Lahoz. After compensated by stating a non-existent offside when faced Adam Alley, which began and ended grown nervous.

Madrid rest became a cheaper and more tired. Oxygen tanks would have admitted at times. Especially when he began to Espanyol Callejón the loins, and hung a goal on three occasions. But it also had an answer. Cristiano accelerator was not available to the twelfth Pochettino defense in 23 games and Adebayor got caught in two side by side with Kameni. As he ran before he was forgiveness and repentance. There League. The suffer, but do not miss it.