Great game against Athletic Bilbao

Real Madrid 5-1 Athletic Bilbao

Just a week before the Classic, and just two hours after the Real Madrid Barcelona órdago responds to another rout. There were eight, but five, but yes, in front was a great battle Athletic planted at the Bernabeu. However, the white set of punch shot to keep the lead and it did not fail at key moments. Already said in the previous Caparros: Real Madrid does not need to tiki-taca because tic-toc is enough … and it was. And what stuck on the other side! And two of the three goals he signed Ronaldo were the very best that has been in this league. The first, following a book, and second with one of her ‘tomahawk’ from 35 meters. Two flashes of many carats do justice to the level that showed both teams on the pitch during the first sixty minutes.

And this despite the fact that until a few minutes before the start of the match between Madrid and Athletic Bilbao in the environment merengue was still discussing the controversy of Gijón, the Classic and the rout of Barcelona, where Mourinho would be located, etc., etc. . Yes, twenty-two players soon regained prominence and focused all outbreaks. Not surprisingly, in the second minute, and Llorente was close to scoring with a brilliant idea to get between Khedira and Carvalho inside the area and that only Peter could not help almost under the line. And that was only the prelude to what came next. And is that white and certified rojiblancos first part of emotion, goals, and tension with a Athletic can boast of being one of the most serious of all teams who have gone so far by the Bernabeu, including Atletico Madrid.

With a midfield very well connected and binding short Xabi and Khedira, the rojiblancos Casillas came to the area fairly often and very biting, using a little soft defense of Madrid today. To the extent that if Susaeta and Llorente scored midway through the first part was because they had the best goalkeeper in front of the world and master of Madrid was not a lamb. Without that connection enabled in the center, the whites found in the counterattack and the lashes of Di Maria and Ronaldo dismast good resources for the Basque box. And as we said in the previous Caparrós with that and the famous tic-toc was enough to get ahead on the scoreboard 2-0.

Along Higuain scored the first twenty minutes after receiving a ball to Di Maria in the crown of the area and protect it like a small football pivot is involved. Ustaritz Amorebieta and failed to steal the ball and the Argentine scored and just before Iraizoz. And just ten minutes later and right on the play after the Madrid Casillas saved the white set back to score in what is sure to be one of the most beautiful goals in the league following a manual of these: Theft from field own band pass to Higuain, the second focuses on Ozil touch it moves through the center, Germany gave Ronaldo his first touch as a bullet entering and Portuguese brand from the balcony of the area practically alone. Only a framework could do much more beautiful meringue. Tic-toc.

Despite two goals, a serious Athletic did not give up at any time. I looked into the eyes of Madrid knowing that he was not being infinitely superior, and found his prize at the edge of the break thanks to an outstanding Llorente, who hammered in front of goal a play after a cross jumbled no bloco by Casillas. The 2-1 was just seen on the field, but today the white pasted never missed an appointment and shortly after the restart, Madrid away again with two new lashes. The first, Di Maria, who struck gold with a penalty of Susaeta absurd. Sergio Ramos (yes, Ramos) was the one who scored the third for five minutes after Ronaldo had sealed victory also meringue pieces. Now then, as from three times farther than the beds.

Iraizoz failed to clear a ‘tomahawk’ from 35 meters of the ‘7 ‘merengue that slipped through the center of the goal with a violence worthy of study. Tick-tock, tick-tock, another goal to frame and three points in the bag without touching the excellence with the ball at his feet. Once with four on the back, and yes Athletic got carried away the last half hour, seeing that he could do nothing with the punch merengue. Of course, there was time for Javi Martinez slammed a ball off the crossbar, that had a goal disallowed for offside Barn by prior, and that little hand sign Ronaldo penalty. A week before the Classic, Ronaldo could not be less than Messi and this time did not let anyone throw it to certify a hat-trick which involved the icing to get it just right before leaving for Barcelona.