Hercules 1-3 Real M.

Is installed in the habit of booing Cristiano in his appearances in the attacking, with uncouth and nothing witty insults that merge with kindred nationality. In the absence of other charges, the reason is that Cristiano is a pimp, simply. Say, therefore, is not a personal matter, but a sentence (many years repressed under the grudge) against pimps the world, beautiful beach and other individuals who break the cord.

Nothing is further from my intention to curb freedom of expression of who pays for a local one-story entry. However, they should know that this cool vocal is a special player and in his dual capacity as genius and chop, often not leaving without reckoning. With goals, you know.

Cristiano Yesterday brought the first goal and scored the next two. Could also join the room, a bullet stopped him. It is difficult to prove that in each of these actions was stimulated by the criticisms of some of the stands. And as difficult as show is contested, I will say that the whiplash that led to the goal after Di Maria was driven with the instep and with the rage of Christian.

Your feedback and holding back the hand to one ear and see what they shout now (somewhat cocky, you can not deny), recalled a similar response in the field Ronaldo Barça Betis for 14 seasons now. You lied to the bride and commanded silence with a goal that sounded like thunder. Understood the message, critics forgot their heart and only years later, focused on their love handles. I recommend a similar recycling. Do not applaud the goals of Cristiano pairs if their religion prevents him, be patient and wait for fattening. But for now, do not mess with him. It’s worse.

Neither would be entirely accurate to say that it was Christian who won the game. Actor was a necessary, essential, but the film was coral. It was Madrid, as a bloc, who took the field to Hercules in the second half was completely Madrid who ran his forces to leave without any. This form of defeat even before scoring the goals we had not documented. It happened last night. The Hercules demonstrated that it is possible to put against the wall at Madrid, to mark the two minutes to blow the hat based on counterattacks. It is impossible to sustain the plan for 90 minutes.

The noble intent of Hercules and his coach ran out of fuel in the second half. You can play around like Madrid, but you can not run both. So, jockeyed in tables, with Valdez and Thomert injured, the host was left to die just beautiful. Di Maria scored first, made to coincide (and this is ironic italics) with their relocation in the band left-handed, his. Then came the goals from Cristiano, both touched by Benzema.

That was another conquest of Madrid, to involve the introverted brother, cuddly then, as if his had merit, Karim mood, any day makes you goals and you will be insulted.
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