R. Madrid 3-0 Espanyol

When the good football does not appear, nothing better than a help to open a party arbitration. And that also applies to Real Madrid, the favorite to win 36 of the 38 meetings that the calendar will mark in the Liga. Just before the forces are matched Barcelona and Espanyol on Tuesday received, another Catalan team in order to re-taste. That he had forgotten in Anoeta against Real Sociedad, days later to show off against Ajax in this scenario, the Santiago Bernabeu.

And the good football was missing when the clock maracas 27 minutes the first half. Whites are entangled with their own limitations and Espanyol had no problems its risky visit to the Spanish capital. Maybe that was the reason why the enviable eye was intentional Clos Gómez casual hand of Luis Garcia in the area of Kameni. So, probably driven by the context, what another mortal claimed not charge: penalty.

That hypothesis, that the judge has been under pressure from the local public sanction when deciding something as nonexistent as “staggering if one considers that neither the stands shouted merengue penalty. Of course, nobody saw it. But how much could be imported that to Cristiano Ronaldo? How much? If you just want the Portuguese was to end the goal drought (the goal in Anoeta officially gave it to Joe.)

The answer is ‘nothing’. Twice ‘nothing’, because the astro luso had run twice the maximum penalty for an invasion of the area. Ball to the right, left Cameroon goalkeeper, and 1-0. Espanyol-eroded by low Javi Márquez, Dátolo, De la Peña, among others, would not be comparsa team Jose Mourinho, even when a gross error of judge Josep Guardiola who once called him a liar, would prejudice well.

That was demonstrated by the team and Mauricio Pochettino when neither lowered his arms. In that first half could match in a move that ended up wasting Verdú. The midfielder received an assist from Sergio Garcia, but does not touch the ball. To spread her legs after a low cross from Luis Garcia, former empowered culé Verdú, who amazingly failed. It was the second clarita for all parrot, which could open the score 0-0 with a shot of Alley-white youth squad that was deflected.

Those who have not seen that first time, that was for the meringues, could see how its development was to hear the music just sounded at the Bernabeu. It was a beautiful melody, nor looked like a harmonica. They were the beeps of the fans, shy but beeps at the end.

In the second half it distorts the game with three ejections. Ujfalusi’s kick Messi is like a toy when compared with Pepe beat now, but the referee only admonished. Three minutes later, the Luso saw red after another entry that awarded him the second yellow. The Madrid was left with one less and seemed about to suffer, because Casillas was again shown to Verdú which is the best goalkeeper in the world with an extraordinary stop.

A Mourinho did not like what was happening in the field, and this sample was heated to Dudek saved all their substitutes. Yes, to M. Diarra moved off the field. But the forcefulness and were glued to save to Real Madrid. The fault, of Cristiano Ronaldo. The figure of the party led to the expulsion of Galan, who entered CR7 but not hard enough to leave the field. Ten against ten and calm for whites.

The Portuguese star was again, this time assisting the hitherto irregular Pipit Higuain. A good command of Christian just against the home side’s second goal. Go to top Argentine and good definition to the output of Kameni: 2-0. If the fans did not have many reasons to cheer on his team, both served Higuain for it. Not for the goal in itself but by the embrace of the striker with Cristiano to dispel rumors.

Eight minutes after the second, at 87, Benzema closed the scoring with the best action of the party by whites. Wall between Marcellus and Lass, French Enabling golazo. Thus the three points of the cast were able to convert capital, creating healthy competition in a staff full of stars.

Although Kameni again CR7 prevent another goal, nothing could do that Portuguese is not the TOP of the meeting. A goal, an assist, continuing danger. Yes, no one will remember the error of Clos Gomez in the first of Madrid. And it is right that it should: to the delight of Mou, a night Cristiano Ronaldo again.