R. Sociedad 1-2 Real Madrid

Real Madrid visited Anoeta with two goals: the first win to stay ahead of Barcelona and close to the lead. The second, an image similar to that shown on Wednesday against Ajax. He had wanted to see Özil and Christian, one for his great form and the other to see if still living in a state of anxiety.

So, Martin Lasarte and Jose Mourinho gambled by not making too many changes respcto players who had been playing regularly.

The Royal Society appeared with the starting lineup following: Bravo, Carlos Martinez, Anostegui, Mikel González, De La Bella, Aramburu, Diego Rivas, Xabi Prieto, Zurutuza, Griezmann and Tamudo.

In Madrid, the line was formed by Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Khedira, Özil, Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain.

The match began with a domineering mother, beating the field and looking for the goals. That lasted ten minutes. From there, the team of Mourinho disappeared, I gave three passes followed and was overtaken by a Royal Society that the table merengue goleaba illusion and football. A real X-Files what was happening in Anoeta. How does a team that clearly dominates the mediocrity can pass in a blink of an eye? We do not know. There are questions without answers.

The Real play by play grew to the point of living in the area of Madrid and embarrass one Casillas had been a spectator for the first games of the season. Xabi Prieto drew a wonderful football, failed Griezmann the occasion of his life and Mourinho lost his head, and his players had lost its way incomprehensible.

At Madrid did not come out anything and the men of Martin Lasarte and believed that the male could be possible, but lacked flair murderer in the final meters, just what you have to be overcome to a great white as the Goliath.

At half it was 0-0 with a Madrid thanking you for the result and a Real lamenting wasted opportunities.

In the resumption fulfilled an unwritten law that says if you fail, you end up paying. The home side did not materialize their chances, something he did do Di Maria, who scored a goal spectacularly with his right leg. The noodles get at the peak of the area, cut his man and puts it into the squad with his bad leg. 0-1. Unfair, but that’s football.

The most obvious was that the Madrid reassure the marker for it, but logic does not exist in the white team, which returned to let go, forget the ball and to live inside his camp, not wanting to play and proving that seen against Ajax is closer to a mirage than reality.

Tamudo took the indolence merengue remnant to tie the game in the second suit, a lack batada by Griezmann from the left wing. The draw back to the mail and returned home fans dreaming of a blue and white victory.

The downside is that lady luck was going to ally with Real Madrid. When things were worse, Cristiano launched a foul, the ball hit the back of Pepe and ended in the fleet of the goal defended by Bravo.

The 1-2 was used to Mourinho resultadista rolled out its side. The Portuguese coach took the second goal for his team for input instead of a Lass Özil that was well below the level they showed last Wednesday against Ajax. The Frenchman joined Xabi Alonso and Khedira in a midfield game with more muscle.

The last minutes were used to seeing the same of the previous eighty but with an extra dose of excitement because we were in the final of the encounter as the advantage merengue was very tight.

The Real fans pushed and put the last breath from the stands. Chances came and Saint Casillas wore for the first time this season with a miraculous hand that served to prevent a goal by Griezmann.

The party was crazy and could sentence Madrid in a lethal backlash starring Christian and Higuain. The Argentine missed a hand to hand against Bravo and the Portuguese ran into a defender’s leg when it was sung 1-3.

The tiredness of the players took Martin Lasarte, who died with their boots on, but not strong enough to hurt a mother who knew defense until the final whistle to make three points that can be crucial at the end of temportada.