Real M. 1-0 Osasuna

He won, but again did not like. He won, but until the fans disapproved. Deserved, but far from luxurious or splurge gift fantasy, was low as it has provided to the public, that public hopeful about the arrival of so many players and so many figures.

Real Madrid got three vital points to continue their fight directly with Barcelona but far was to convince themselves strangers. It was 1-0 at Osasuna, adjusted, without ideas, without ideologies, without big plays, not great team play, not much to watch, with a goal by Carvalho who was inspired, decided to move forward in a counterattack by chance was lost and the ball facing the goal.

And the first time was just that. Nothingness itself. No Christian, no Higuain, Benzema Nothing, nothing of the rest, just a little Özil a trickle, no one could really stand out in a set that never functioned as just that, a whole and even worked as an accumulation of turn individuals because they never worked.

In fact, the meringues only had a couple of approaches to the area that they gave Ricardo errors behind thick visitor. Had it not been for that, the stars went unnoticed. Still, with the couple of chances they had, the fans decided to vent the beeps and the whole team suffered a tough censure.

Already in the second 45 minutes the image was intended to be another and in fact was. But not the associated game, not what may appear brighter than the luxuries of a Christian, but because with a little more attitude, had several chances to score and if it were not for the superb performance of Richard the advantage could have been another.

However, the supplement was played with much greater ease. That peace of mind, when Ricardo Carvalho was mainly a rebound given by Ricardo before a face to face with Christian and control the leather back of the net. From there, the meeting was different.

It was another but it was another. The company never existed, not team play, was far from being CR7 CR7. Higuain squandered at least three chances to score and Özil was perhaps the only one who revealed to a Real Madrid that is light years ahead of him who goleaba last season but, of course, has far more strength and suffer fewer encounters.

That was how the game ended. With Iker Casillas who was not part of the game, with Osasuna did not attack and an image to which the fans will get used merengue. He’s gone Pellegrini, Mourinho has come. They’ve gone the goleadas, it is now solid. It beeps are gone and have come applause, applause which have been provided only because the team got the three points as the image provided has been poor.