Real M. 2-0 Peñarol

Came an arrow at the Bernabeu in the summer on a cold night. Angel Di Maria was the guy who waited his chance, tucked away from the spotlight only to be the protagonist. The Bernabeu, the bride fall in love more complicated and convincing, was not aware of his presence until late in the second half. Before kick-off, he was greeted by education, but attention was for others. He saw the first half from the bench.

Those who tried camelar to the Bernabeu at the beginning of the night were others. Of the six newcomers, four were holders, Carvalho, Khedira, Channels and Özil. Mourinho surprised by Lass bet on the right side at the expense of Arbeloa. The team that started against Peñarol is that the book had Mou thinking of Mallorca. This page will be finished with smudges, erasures and the name of Di Maria in a rectangle, when the sketch was missing.

Madrid started well, but evaporated with the passage of time. The fresh wind ‘Mou Team’ led to the Bernabeu, who sang twice goal without raising the both the marker. Xabi Alonso sent a ball to stick and Higuain scored in illegal position. This home was a hallucination. Real Madrid was gas and the party was not announcing such.

Without borders
A Özil, who played the first 45 minutes, must be given time to be in full faculty. Higuain played behind with freedom of movement, as Channels and Ronaldo. Mourinho knows that artists can not be binding and attach borders. The German left some details, but the best were of Channels, which is not afraid knowing that the pulse is one of the pretty faces of the new Real Madrid.

No carbide Peñarol Real Madrid and went to rest without chest injuries. The Uruguayans, true to their roots, fouled the Real Madrid football more cloudy than clear. After passing through costumes, everything changed by a gesture and a heart that was invented Di Maria.

Mourinho continued his testing ground, and after the resumption, Arbeloa, Gago, Pedro Leon and Benzema appeared on the scene. Cristiano Ronaldo was the one who encouraged the match, touching the umpteenth time goal that ended his patience. Some were taken by Sebastian Sosa, Peñarol goalkeeper, others saw no goal. Madrid was the hunger for Christian, who grabbed it. In the 55 ‘Mou moved another tab, this obligation. Gago, injured, gave way to Angel Di Maria. The light was at the Bernabeu when no one would bet on it.

Question of ‘feeling’
He had not spoken all night, captured by the tracksuit, but when it did, there was love at first sight. Di Maria collected the scalp in an area of three quarters, went from an enemy, stepped area and left Rodriguez with a straitjacket. The Argentine faked by left, right, and threw a kiss to the outside of his left foot. Goal and the Bernabeu was discovered that the shy boy with the ball at the feet lose their fears. It is shameless and welcomes the goals touching people’s hearts. We already know in their new stadium.

On the night of his crush on Di Maria, the Bernabeu is also remembered Van der Vaart, football does not appear in the future target. He scored a goal, a penalty, in the last breath, and thanked Real Madrid for the love given. Dutchman’s dismissal sounded in the night’s Di Maria welcomes. Loves come and go. Is life.