Real Madrid won Copa del Rey!!!

Eighteen years is too long for almost everything. Especially if one passes waiting. Real Madrid has always looked to the appointment, but sometimes with reluctance and most of them distracted, busy with other matters of greater substance understood. Accumulated disappointments and disillusionment that ended up making the dream of the Copa del Rey in the worst of nightmares bitter at Real Madrid during those nearly two decades. But no doubt it is great, and Real Madrid is the largest. Has regained at the same venue where he won his last Cup and has done so after beating regarded by all as the best team in the world, to Barcelona, ??which multiplies the value of this award. And is that the Cup is a trophy no less, never deserved such consideration. Just see and those who do not win. If the Cup final is the feast of Spanish football, this event has now undisputed king, the Real Madrid. It was a brilliant match, as there usually are the finals, but intense, nervous, electrical. At stake was a title and the pride of the two best teams in the world.

Many want to see in this title the end that justifies all means to achieve it, but it should only be viewed as the first impulse for the Madrid continue to grow. It should be just the first step of a long road trip. For the story will be the goal of Christian and the image of Mourinho celebrating their first title as coach of Real Madrid. It is time for celebration, not take its toll. Although the technician did not come here to make friends, to sing Loquillo.

In the first part of the match was ruled the Real Madrid in the tactical and the psychic. Decided where and how to play to get from point to Barcelona, ??which was uncomfortable and embarrassed as a few times. The referee was not free of hypertension with which he Madrid, whose players went en masse to protest each failure identified by Undiano Mallenco, who went to Valencia to lead a football game and at times found himself in a fight neighborhood. Impossible to govern such an encounter, with more tension that I play with more emotion than virtuosity.

The uproar Madrid final and created a scenario in which he reigned undisputed as he endured the physical. He returned to give the ball and Barcelona the lead but this time forward the pressure to the rival camp, forcing Barca defenders to start the game. For the first time in a long time was Guardiola’s men pulling off the ball over, hitting him instead of petting.

This change in Madrid was not a matter of players, but rather of tactical. Barcelona demonstrated that it can and should be defended above. That’s when they suffer, when has a hard to find your way. Xabi Alonso took the midfielder with Khedira and Pepe ahead. Up, Özil, Cristiano and Di Maria. A 4-3-3 defense that became a 4-5-1, with Christian as advance man.

Guardiola said central placing alongside Mascherano and Piqué, allowing Busquets to remain in their natural habitat in midfield with Iniesta and Xavi. Upstairs, Villa, Messi and Pedro, a pitchfork in the first half had only one point, Messi.

The Real Madrid midfield devoured the entire team of Barcelona, ??which was split in two, with their front totally disconnected from the rest of the team. The strategy of Madrid Messi forced to fall to the center of the field to attempt a heroic solo venture. There he met an impenetrable forest of competing successfully insurmountable. Pepe no more active than that before the break saw a yellow who could be both. As played by the expulsion of Arbeloa inexplicably, with a stamp at the wrong time at Villa. It was the largest gathering of almost always fully focused Arbeloa, too revolutionized.

Stress, emotion, the wired environment in which the crash unfolded also ate football. The level of play of the first half was mediocre and the football wasteland triumphant Madrid deserved. Had four clear chances for it and wasted three of them the worst player Cristiano Madrid, a liability for his team in too many stages of the match. So desperate was the Christian attitude to his coach that criticized him publicly. This censorship of what was his performance during much of the shock is not incompatible with the well deserved praise to the great goal he scored later. The fourth and most obvious opportunity of only the post prevented Madrid ended in a goal. It was a spectacular header from a pass from Özil Pepe and the plastic beauty of the goal deserved to be shot.

Going through the locker room brought another scenario, another scenario taste of Barcelona. Iniesta left side he paled in the first half and was associated with Xavi in ??the middle. This maneuver was activated and activated his team, who just needed five minutes to generate more football than in the entire first half.

Pressure disappeared so far ahead of Madrid, which was pushed back a few meters. The ball continued to Barcelona, ??but this time he drove in the area of ??Madrid and tried to move vertically rather than horizontally, as before. Alves appeared, which gave the ball eternal output on the right side on which it began to fall Messi, who no longer played only by the center. The problems will accumulate to Madrid and attacking options will be multiplied at Barça. Pedro and Villa, disappointing in the first half, decided to start playing the final.

Real Madrid ran out of air, lost the midfield and gave the game to Barcelona, ??who only had to pull style manual to send. Since the Madrid bench not provide any alternative, no solution to change the wrong direction he had taken his team. Adebayor’s entry by Özil not improve anything.

Chances began to Barcelona and accumulated the figure Casillas came to end all. Messi, Pedro and Iniesta were the victims. Previously, rightly Undiano disallow Peter for clear offside. The actions of the Madrid goalkeeper had a unique but valuable feedback in Barcelona. Pinto was showcased to a shot of Di Maria as the destination of the game seemed only an extension.

In extra time the ball continued to be of Barcelona, ??in Madrid crouching, running his small force to try to take your chances. And he came. Xabi Alonso found for the first time that Christian and partnership in which everyone seemed to himself was born near a goal. Firing the Portuguese lost gloves away from Pinto and the near post.

Not fail in the next. A great wall between Marcelo and Di Maria, which has more miles in their legs than a rider, finished with a header from Cristiano manual. A goal is worth a title. The self-esteem bolstered Madrid and Barcelona ran out of arguments. Neither Afellay and Keita, who finished with center forward Piqué, Busquets Villa and improved. There was room for the epic, as this image of Pinto going to finish.

It had been too many minutes that Barcelona was anxiety and mastery of the situation, as the title, of Madrid, where this time nobody will remember who finished with ten players for the expulsion of Di Maria. It is these statistics that one gets only when the wind is against, this time a gentle breeze caresses the excited and smiling face of Real Madrid.