UD Levante 0 – 0 Real Madrid

The Real Madrid was not a draw in their visit to the City of Valencia despite being infinitely better than a lift which was dedicated to defending and little else. The lack of speed in the final meters, the low use of the bands and the alarming failures in front of goal condemning a team who failed to beat the team with the lowest budget of the Liga.

The meeting began with a domineering mother, with seventy percent of possession, but with too much play in the middle. Cristiano Ronaldo and Di Maria opened the field, but shut themselves what the play always looking inward. Özil, meanwhile, moved freely and was always looking for the ball, but missed the mobility of their peers to brighten the last pass.

The Levante is dedicated to defending and Casillas saw the game as a spectator. Merengue goalkeeper did not have to work throughout the first half. Neither he nor the defenders, who lived the first 45 minutes with a peace offensive.

So, the opportunities were happening. Higuain had a clear, impressive Reina cleared a header from Cristiano and Sergio Ramos were surprised by the left to finish topping over the bar. There were occasions, but the goal did not arrive and Real Madrid players were going to break LEMANT not go beating its rival.

After the break, Nacho Gonzalez had to leave your site to Rubén Suárez, as granota midfielder was injured and could not continue in the field.

The change had no impact on the game. The Madrid kept sending and the Levant continued fighting back with the team, waiting for the miracle hanging the bar.

We came to sixty Mourinho decided to put a pair of revolting against the lack of scoring. Di Maria and stripped to give input Özil Pedro Leon and Benzema. Before that, Higuain forced a penalty that would not draw the referee.

Pedro León took four minutes to enjoy their first time. The Murcia volley finished off a great center of Marcellus from the left. The ball whistled just wide.

Benzema also had a couple of chances, but luck was not in front of goal. Arrivals passed and were still resounding failures, especially as it was Higuain in 93 ‘, who wanted to haggle over the goalkeeper when the easiest thing was to top off first.

In the end, 0-0 and immense happiness to the Levant, which was much lower, but he came to take a point which can be gold at the end of the season.